7 reading spots you must try!

So you love to read and you do it in bed most of the times ( Well, at-least I do). Reading in bed is great but I’m here to talk about 7 most underrated reading spots. There is something magical about reading in public. It’s as if you get the best of this world and the world your book takes you to- both at the same time. Being an introvert with social anxiety issues, it was quite hard for me to come out of my den and read in public but let me tell you, it makes me feel so good. I feel relaxed, centered and peaceful. So let’s get to it, shall we?

1. Bus/Train/Metro:


It’s my favorite on the list. I love to read when I’m taking a bus or metro. It’s so relaxating and you won’t even get tired.

2. Park:


I’m sure most of you do it already. It’s just so peaceful. Fresh air, green grass and blue sky   makes your reading experience so much better.

3. Classroom:


This is something I do everyday. Well, I do it in the lunch break but if you are brave and have no clue of what your teacher is trying to teach then why waste time? There are so many books out there and so little time! Just open your book and * click * you’re in your own world now. :


Coffee is love. What can be better than reading your favorite book while sipping your morning coffee? The place provides such an ambient environment that you’d never wish to leave.

5. Library:


Okay, you were expecting this, didn’t you? Well, I’m not much of a library freak but I really find it soothing at times. Perks of reading at a library : The place is silent, full of books for you to read, you can ask about a certain book at the help desk and well, occasionally a cute girl walks in 😛

6. Balcony/terrace:


Okay, so you don’t want to head out. I get it. So if you can just grab a bean bag and a mug of coffee then your own home is good enough. Relax in your balcony or on your terrace while reading your book.

7. Bathroom:


Lol Honestly, one of the best reading spot is bathroom. Well, it’s the place where you get all your innovative ideas so why not read there as well. ( btw this pic is so damn cute, isn’t it? 😛 )


So, what’s your favorite reading spot?  Which one do you like the most among the ones I mentioned here?


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