My reading goals!

Reading was a hobby I had given up on. There was just one reason for that : college. When you’re in college and specially in a technical course like engineering, work load increases substantially. Needless to mention the stress that comes with it. Also, in my college there aren’t many readers (in fact, most even look down on people who read or do things that are not in the “syllabus”). It was a sacrifice I had to make in order to keep up with my course and also to fit in the new environment I was trapped in. However, that has changed. I realized that I can’t make ‘friends’ if they can’t accept me for a not-so-social-book-nerd. Honestly, goodreads and this blog made me read a lot more than I normally would have. I LOVE blogging about the books that I’ve read recently. But since I started reading and blogging in mid June, I couldn’t really set a reading goal.


So here’s the deal – I have to set a reading goal for next five months. If you read my previous post, you will know that I got myself a lot of new books. (Click HERE to read the post)

My reading goal for next five months is quite simple : I have to read all my new books and also the old ones which I haven’t had the pleasure of reading. I will try to finish all these books by October and will then proceed to read classics till December of this year. This seems like a decent idea because I love classics and I have seen a steep decline in the number of readers/bookloggers who read or talk about classics. (What a shame, really!)

I know I have missed a lot of awesome works, specially in the YA genre but I will cover that in 2017. Rainbow Rowell, Sarah J. Maas, Patrick Ness and lot others are on my 2017 TBR. Talking about 2017, I would also make it a point to read Indian authors as they are doing some great works but are usually overlooked by Indian readers. (Again, what a shame!) Well, okay let’s not get ahead of ourselves. 2017 is still five months and over thirty books away.

So what has been your goal for this year’s reading?

How many books have you read so far this year? Are you into classics? 


10 thoughts on “My reading goals!

    1. Awesome! ^_^
      I have read 19 books so far (I know it’s very few but I resumed reading last month only).
      Which book did you like the most?


      1. Gosh, that’s such a hard question! I’ve read so many good books this year. Umm I’m going to have to name a few. Queen of Shadows, A Court of Mist and Fury, The Raven Boys, An Ember in The Ashes, Cinder and Akarnae.

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      2. hahaha Ikr! While I do ask this question many times, I know how hard it is to answer. Every book connects to us so deeply that its hard and rather unfair to others if we were to pick up favorites. 🙂

        But yeah, the ones you mentioned are great too (I haven’t read them but with all the tumblr posts ans Booktuber’s rave, I am sure these are amazing).

        As of right now I am desperate to receive my copy of the Cursed child. xD But yeah,I will surly read these books that you mentioned. ^_^


      3. Lucky you! 😛 Idk about the bookstores here (India) but the book isn’t available on amazon or other e-commerce websites right now. I’ll probably get it by Tuesday. It’s gonna be a looong wait xD


      4. That sucks… at least the wait isn’t too long. I’ve seen some people saying that they pre-ordered it and it isn’t set to come until August 6th or later


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