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Book Talk : The Red Templar

I bought this book back in 2014 but I never got to read it. One of the many reasons why I didn’t read it was the fact that this is the sixth installment in the Templar series and I hadn’t had the pleasure of reading the first five installments. It was earlier this year when a goodreads friend suggested that the book had very little to do with previous installments. I decided to include this on my July TBR. The reason I was interested in this book was because of my interests in the history of Knight Templars and medieval history.  So let’s talk about Red Templar by  Paul Christopher.

First let’s get few basic details about the book:


Author: Paul Christopher

Publisher : Penguin 

Publication Year : 2013

Average goodreads rating: 3.6




About the author:

 Paul Christopher is a pseudonym used by Christopher Hyde.

Christopher Hyde was born in Canada in 1949. He has worked as a researcher, editor, TV interviewer specializing in stories of technology, intelligence and the environment. He also uses the pseudonym A J Holt.


The Templar series is based on *drum-rolls* Knight Templars. So I recommend looking into the templar history before reading this book.

Army veteran John Holliday and his friend Eddie find themselves on a plane with a Russian man, Genrikhovich. Genrikhovich claims to know the secret of the lost sword of the Templars much like the one owned by Holliday. Holliday, who has spent last couple of years solving mysteries of long forgotten world, just couldn’t turn down this offer. He and Eddie, together, go deep in the Russian mainland and are wanted by the FSB, Vatican and other powerful groups and institutions.  

Is Genrikhovich to be trusted? Will it be the end of Holliday? And what is the greatest Templar secret of all?

What I thought of the book:

Well, there is no doubt that the book is a great thriller. I found myself asking a lot of questions and was curious to know what was going to happen next. The book has historic references which I found to be quite fascinating. The plot was dense and therefore, it will not be wrong to say that your expectations grow quickly.

Despite of having a good plot and solid characters, I found that the story was rather loose. What I mean is that while the plot provides a dense environment to the characters, the characters manage to slip away from danger quite easily. The characters were able to cross borders in just a couple of lines and were saved whenever a dangerous situation was presented before them. It was as if the author was so excited that he ended up helping the characters to get away from problems. 😛 Okay, maybe that’s an exaggerated view but nevertheless, had there been no help from the author, the story could have turned into the gluing page turner that it rightfully deserves to be.

The book is a page turner. Twists and turns were like a roller-coaster ride and I was screaming in my mind most of the times. If you are interested in books which deal with ancient mysteries, this book is for you. Do not judge it as a Dan Brown fan or you won’t be able to enjoy this book. I say this not because there is a difference in writing standards but because there is a difference in writing styles. Go on and read the Templar books because they are awesome!


Let’s get to ratings,shall we?

Characters: 3.5

Pace: 3

Plot : 4

Overall ratings  3.5


So what did you think of this book ?  Do you have anything to say about this book?

Drop down a comment! Also, Do you have any suggestion for August TBR?







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