Change of plans!

So lately I have been living under the rock and I must say, I *absolutely* love it. It’s so peaceful when you are indifferent to the ever-buzzing phone and clueless about the ever-growing number of unread emails and facebook notifications.

Last month I had exams. It was hectic. I had less days on my calendar than the number of exams I was expected to write. Like all bad things, it came to its very fortunate end. I packed my bags and flew to my parent’s home.

Now my day starts with me and my dog Bruno going for a jog, then some push-ups (. I am beginning to think that Bruno can’t do even a single push-up *smh*). This is followed by a shower and then I feast! Nothing beats the kind of food you get at home specially when you have been living on ready-to-eat packed food items. With an uneventful day ahead of me, I sit to read. I read and read and read till I doze off and sleep like a log. When I’m out of my slumber, I start reading again. This is as close as it can get to a life in heaven.

In last post, I mentioned the books I was going to read. Unfortunately, even after an extensive search, I couldn’t find my grandfather’s copy of  ‘Midnight’s children’. I did find a new copy of ‘God of small things’ which my father bought. So I’m gonna go for this one instead. Also, I found a copy of ‘of course I love you…. till I find someone better’ so I’ll give it a read as well. I have never really been interested in love stories, even less when it comes to Indian authors but I’m willing to step out of my comfort zone for this one.


I’ll soon be writing about my new purchases. I’m very excited to read them. These have been on my reading list for a while so changing shelves on goodreads should be an awesome feeling! 😛


Okay, I should wrap this one up. Tell me your reading experience of the two books I mentioned! Were they good? Oh and go on and recommend me books for August!


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