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Book Talk: As the crow flies

Details about the book:

Author : Jeffry Archer

Published : 1991

Publisher: Harper

Pages: 696


as the crow fliesJeffry Archer is a master story-teller. As the crow flies is surely not an exception. The story is about a young boy Charlie whose only dream was to take over his grandpa’s barrow in Whitechapel and make it world’s largest barrow. The story is set in 1900 and takes you through Charlie’s life during the two world wars and early 60s. We see Charlie evolve through the pages, his love and caring attitude towards his family and those who work for him only increases as you turn the pages. The story has love, suspense, deceit, sorrow and joy. The book ends with the statement ‘as the crow flies’ which rightfully sums up the whole story.

How I felt about the story

Well, I loved it, of course! It was amazing. I just couldn’t get away from this book and was thinking about the characters the whole time. The characters were appealing, story had twists and turns but what I liked the most was the detailing which adds the extra pages. I read a review while I was halfway through the book. The review gave it two stars on account of ‘awful lot of detailing which could have cut short the book by at-least a 100 pages’. Well, the book does have detailing but that’s the best part,isn’t it? Like they say “ It’s the little things that matter”. While reading, I was so involved with the characters and the story that I could feel tension rising whenever there was a need of an extra pound or whenever something went wrong. I could feel the same rush as Charlie did. I am pretty sure that all of it wouldn’t have been there if it wasn’t for the detailing that Jeffry provided us with.

There was only one thing which I think could have been avoided. I have read the Clifton chronicles (2011-) and was able to relate a couple of things. This didn’t make the story predictable but the slight similarity wasn’t allowing me to enjoy the book to my fullest. Other than this, I loved it!

So let’s talk about ratings, shall we?

Plot : 4

characters: 5

storyline: 4

Pace: 4

overall rating : 4

Have you read ‘As the crow flies’? What did you think of it?

Did you like the review? Tell me your ratings for the book!


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