My reading plans for July

July has already proved out to be the most happening time of 2016 for me. I’m typing this blog post as I’m four hours away from a flight back home. Its exciting, almost, to think of seeing my folks after an year or so. Well, ‘almost’ because I know once I go back I will hardly find time for reading. So here’s what I have planned for this month!

I recently finished Jeffery Archer’s ‘As the crow flies’ and will be  posting my thoughts on the book very soon.  For now all I can tell you is that it’s positive. I’ve picked up Paul Christopher’s ‘Red Templar’ (Red Templar #6). I haven’t read the first five but the story is not really interdependent. I got this book almost 18 months back but never really cared to read it. The book is about a secret buried by the Knight templars ,only to be found by our protagonist. Since I love to read about such topics, I have high hopes.

I recently bought ‘chankaya’s chant’ and ‘sialkot saga’, both by Ashwin Sanghi. The author is just amazing and I have read all his works except these two. I look forward to reading them once I’m back.  Meanwhile, I picked up Agatha Christie’s ‘and there were none’. I just can’t wait to get on with this book but I will try to save it for the month end.

While I’ll be gone, I will read Robin Sharma’s ‘the monk who sold his ferrari‘ and ‘Midnight’s children’ by Salman Rushdie. I’ll borrow the former from my cousin sister who just can’t stop talking about it and the latter from my Grandfather’s book collection.

I am also looking forward to a lot more posts here and to make a TBR for August. It’s honestly cruel that there are so many amazing books out there but we don’t have the time for them all.


So what are your reading goals for this month?

Have you got yourself a new book? Is there any book you’d like to recommend me for my August TBR?

Comment down below, let’s talk!


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