8 Hacks to improve your reading experience!

So I was only wondering if I could blog about some tips and tricks to improve reading experience when I got this idea. That’s how I found myself strolling through the lone, dark lanes of google search pages. The gust of cold northern wind almost made me give up on my quest but there is a reason why they say “destiny finds you”.

So let’s get started shall we?

  •  When you are traveling

We all know how boring it gets when you take the train or the bus. No matter how you travel, it can get boring. Imagine you’re stuck at the airport and your flight has been delayed. What are you gonna do for hours now? That’s when books come to your rescue!

Reading a book while commuting is a great way to pass your time. It not only keeps you occupied but also saves you from strange conversations with strange people. For someone like me, the latter is perhaps one of the biggest reason for having a book all the time. so what do you learn from this?

1. Have a book all the time :

It is the most common advice you will get from anyone. It is really basic but very helpful. If you carry a book with you all the time then you can easily make some time for the book.

2. Pick up something interesting:

Honestly? I’d vouch for thriller simply because they demand your full attention. You can’t be ‘in the book’ and yet hear that baby who has kept everyone praying for peace of mind. Now, if you pick something like  non-fiction (nothing against it, I love N-F too) then chances are that you will probably drift away from the book. Irrespective of genre, you can drift away from the book if it’s not keeping you on your toes and demanding your complete attention.

3. Carry your book in a mini-bag:

yes, you have a proper backpack but consider carrying your book in a separate mini-bag even if you are going to keep the mini-bag in the backpack. I’ll explain why.

Well, to start off, no-one wants to see their precious books getting damaged by laptops, cables and what not that you’ve packed in your backpack. Even if there are some edibles in you pack or if you have a water bottle in there, the odds of your book getting damaged decreases a lot when you have placed it in a mini-bag.

4. Read when you can:

This is very important. I have personally experienced this to be where the actual problem rests. You get a book and you’re waiting at the boarding gate but you’re not reading it. Make most of your time when you are traveling.

  • For people who are too busy to read

Almost six months ago I gave up on reading. I came up with an excuse that I just can’t seem to find time for it. I soon found out that I was only making excuses to make myself feel better. What came a bit as a shocker was the fact that many of us do the exact same thing.

We are too busy in our lives. If we are living at all then we are living on deadlines and it’s just exhausting. While I understand where you or I come from, I cannot help but notice that in our day we have so much free time that we can easily read up to 50 pages a day . That might not be enough for any bibliophile but it is certainly better than 0 pages a day.

5. Read whenever you can :

I tried this in my college. I used to talk to my friends when we used to get stuck in boring lectures. It dawned on me, almost without a warning, that I was only wasting my time there and I could use that one hour for my own reading. I could be free as a bird in my own little world and make the most of it.

When I practiced this for a week, I observed two changes in me :

– I was happier and less stressed about my work.

– I was way more productive in my affairs than I had ever been.

6. Invest in a good e-book reader:

Like I mentioned in the first post, I am not much of an e-book fan but I think it is a great way to satiate that thirst of reading. Think about it, there are a lot of advantages of reading an e-book over a physical one:

– You can start off from where you left.

– You can carry multiple books so in case you are bored with what you’re reading, you   never really run out of options.

– You can easily search for a word in the dictionary, mark your favorite quotes , take notes and bookmark pages.

7. Read before bed but not on the bed:

You had a rough day at school/office and you cannot wait to reward yourself with some quality time with your book but you dozed off in a jiffy. See to it that you read on your couch or carpet or wherever you like except for that warm,cozy,soft bed with fresh sheets that’s gonna take you to the slumber-land.

8. Set a reading target :

Now this is something I do regularly. I admit that having a target in reading your book is the last thing you need but have faith in me, it works. Let’s say you have a new book. Considering that most books are 350-400 pages long, if you read 50 pages a day then you can easily finish that book in a week’s time. Trust me, this has helped me a lot and I only set the target at 20.


Check out this amazing video on some of the other reading hacks that you can learn.

So did you find the post helpful? Do you have a reading hack of your own?

  Tell me, I’d love to learn it. Feel free to talk to me. 🙂

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